Sights, Sounds and People of Idoa

Idoa Community is an Esan community, It was founded in 1640AD, during the great migration from Benin Empire in the reign of Oba Ewuare the great. Idoa Community is blessed with vast agricultural resources, rich cultural heritage and excellent Social economic interaction.

An address by the Onogie

My great people of Idoa both within and in diaspora, I want to welcome you to our official website showcasing everything the Idoa people stand for, this platform is intended to be used for interactions among the Idoa people, a compendium of the history and culture of the Idoa people, and to give you information on happenings here at the Idoa homeland. In conclusion I wish you the best in all your individual and collective endeavors.

HRH. Zaiki Amedu Momoh

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