The History of Idoa

I doa Community came to be during the migrations that occurred in the reign of Oba Ewuare in the year 1460 AD. IDOA was founded by two groups of people who migrated from various sides. They are as follows:

The man ISO was said to have married a woman by name EKPEA-KHAREMEN who was said to have married at OTUOR left there after having a male son, then came to marry another man in ERA and had a son there but she still left there and went to marry another man in UKWUN (UKHUN) and have a son there, before she came to IDOA to settled down with a man-by name ISO and gave birth to a male child whose name is OMOAKON, (OMAKON meaning an ugly human being because the came out with teeth as a newly born baby and his unique shape; his people can confirm that) who is now popularly called OMOAKON-ISO meaning the son of the man ISO.
The woman after giving birth to this mighty son left IDOA to marry at IDUMUGHELE EWU. After giving birth to a male son she finally went to meet her creator. Her burial ceremony according to the story was conducted in this
IDUMUGHELE >> Ewu >> ODOA now IDOA (OMOAKON) >> UKHUN >> ERA and finally to OTUOR Where she was laid to rest.

To understand that this story is true, these sets of people FORBIDES EATING RABIT as part of MEAT.
This man OMOAKON developed seven clans who now expanded to villages that have now founded a group of people called UKHOLUMU. These Villages are Ubi, Uhiahia, Iwe, Otoika, Ebho-Igbon, Udojie and Ekhunmon.

These people though we live a general life, they have their ways of living. They have their own cemetery, perform burial ceremonies in a different way and even perform manhood (Izegbeobhohea) ceremony in a different way; they don’t partake in holding of festivities of the great URABI RIVER/SHRINE….


During the migrations that occurred in the reign of Oba Ewuare in the year 1460 AD, three brothers OJIE-EKPENDE, UDAH and OJIEOSAN left EDO and moved towards the Northside called UKUKURUKU. UDAH stayed at EKUNMA(Ekpoma) and told his brothers and their followers to move further and ordered them that since OJIE-EKPENDE is more stronger than OJIESAN, that the weaker should stay closer to him and the stronger should move further with his men (meaning OJIE-EKPENDE should move further) so OJIESAN settled closer to Ekpoma and founded Illeh and OJIE-EKPENDE moved further to found Idoa (ODOA). Among OJIE-EKPENDE’S companions was his wife by named URABI. They settled in this land but later discovered that a group of people were already living in the land. But with the supremacy of the EDO PEOPLE all over the land of EDO REGION he was respected by his group and those he met. He settled at Afuku N’Edo village and became the  first Onojie of ldoa. He was controlling the other thirteen (13) villages at the centre.

OJIE-EKPENDE’S MEN were OJIE-AMEN (OJIEMEN), OGHODOR, OKOKHUN. These men had wives except OJIEAMEN who lost his father on their way to ODOA (IDOA). Some months later a warrior also from EDO trace his friend OJIE-EKPENDE to the land of ODOA. HIS NAME IS IJIEKHEA who decoded to settle with his friend OJIE-EKPENDE at Idoa.

The leader of this EDO GROUP by name OJIE-EKPENDE gave birth to four sons and a daughter by names: EBE-EHIRAKHA-OKOGIMEN,
ENABOHIFOR, OKPIKHOR and AILMONKA while the daughter was called UDUMEN. This UDUMEN was given to OJIE-AMEN as a wife. Oral history put it that the warrior by name IJIEKHEA founded ATUOGWA & OFIE and some said that he came with OFIE. But one thing to note is that they are brothers and are close to each other in their ways of life. These Clans developed into a total of fourteen (14) villages on both sides which were later reduced to five (5) in number in the present day IDOA due to wars both external and internal.

The Reduction on Odoa (Idoa) Kingdom

In the days of EMUAN the ONOJIE of ELU (EWU) and King AKHEMONKHAE the father of the great Ikpefua, EWU saw the vast land occupied by the people of IDOA, they became jealous and wanted this land by all means. they resort to annex IDOA to become part of ELU (EWU). This resulted in series of wars waged on the people of IDOA on many occassions. Another war broke out when one Chief ITENEBE OF AFUOKOLO offended his friend from ELU(EWU) by taking his son’s wife.
these wars were so tough that the people of IDOA fled to many towns. The NUPE slave riders came and took the EHONMON people to the pesent IDOANI in ONDO STATE.

Some others fled to IBORE, UZEA, UNWENAKE and many other places which we now forbid each other by seeing of blood, marrying some others wife and taking each other to court or police station.

Other internal wars that took place was that of OTOIKA and UKHIAKHA which made UKHIAKHA to flee and took refuge under a hero at IHENWEN EWU whose name is IMOMON there they fromed a quater called IMIENAKHPA

This war took a long time until one good day the son of AHEMOKHE by name IKPEAFUA who was with his sister at AGBEDE(AGBONROFOH the mother of the famous Oba Momodu) became worried and came to Idoa his father’s land with his brother and sent for some other men (warriors). Under this IKPEFUA who was their King restored Peace to the land of IDOA.
After several attempts of wars from ELU(EWU) under Ojiefoh the king of ELU, seeing the strong hands of IDOA under IKPEFUA the ONOJIE of ODOA (IDOA) pleaded with Chief ENEARU of ILLEH knowing well that IDOA and ILLEH are borthers. That same ENEARU settled them at EWU by giving an oath to both OJIEFOH of EWU and IKPEFUA OF IDOA through the eating of the neck of a hen.


  • HRH Ojekpende
  • HRH ukpokolo
  • HRH Akhuemokhae
  • HRH Ijojo
  • HRH Ikpefua
  • HRH ljenyame
  • HRH Ifidon
  • HRH Ibhadon

The First Onogie of Idoa, He founded Odoa (Idoa), and he is from Afuku

HRH Ojekpende

The Second Onogie of Idoa, from Afuku

HRH Ukpokolo

The third Onogie of Idoa from Afuku

HRH Akhuemokhae

The fourth Onogie of Idoa from Afuku

HRH Ijojo

The fifth Onogie of Idoa from Afuku

HRH Ikpefua

The sixth Onogie of Idoa

HRH Ijenyame

The seventh Onogie of Idoa from Afuku

HRH Ifidon

The eight Onogie of Idoa from Afuku

HRH Ibhadon, 1900 to 1940

The ninth Onogie of Idoa from Ofie

HRH Ugbadamu , 1940 to 1946

The tenth Onogie of Idoa from Ubi

HRH Odigie , 1947 - 1966

The eleventh Onogie of Idoa from Atologua

HRH Kadiri , 1967 -1997

The 12th Onogie of Idoa from Afokolo

HRH Yusuf Momoh , 1998 - 2003

The 13th Onogie of Idoa from Afuku

HRH Amedu Momoh , 2005 - date

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